Commissions are the mainstay of the work at Fantasia Stained Glass and may be leaded, fused or a combination of the two.

We work in a number of ways – directly with the customer, with a builder, with architects or any other intermediary. However, the commissions always begins with a dialogue – after all we need to understand what it is you really want, or help you find out what you want if the commission is to be successful! Often we are sure of what we don’t  want, but less sure of what we do want, and as stained glass is in your home forever, we hope to help you get it right.

This first stage often happens here at Fantasia Stained Glass so that you can see the workshop and  gallery  where there are samples of work as well as items for sale. Your bespoke stained glass, therefore, is designed especially for you, large or small, leaded or fused, and that is why we do not produce a catalogue, but are more than happy for you to see photographs of previous work.

The second stage is to produce the design. I like to visit your home at this stage to inspect the location as the light and space are so important to the final design. Exceptions are made if the location is further away such as The Channel Islands, France or Canada, but if you invite me to do this I would be happy to oblige! Changes can be made to the design at this stage, samples of glass can be chosen for colour and texture, and measurements confirmed. I like to think that by now your trust in me as an artist leaving me free to play with these selections.

The manufacture of the glass work is undertaken at the Fantasia workshop by myself to ensure a very high standard of workwomanship. Most commissions are completed in 4 – 6 weeks and can be collected or delivered, normally free of charge if local. Panels can be triple glazed if required.

DomeWork which is unusual or experimental is always welcomed as is working with metal workers, joiners, other artists such as sculptors, ceramicists, wood turners etc.  Some examples that we have done are metal and glass garden sculptures, large light restorations and a roof dome.

Money of course needs to be discussed and prices are given at the first stage. Price is dependent on size, intricacy of design and glass selected so it is impossible to give prices here, but let me say, it is not as expensive as you think, it is made to last more than one lifetime, will not fade or come unstuck and will give so much pleasure that it is really worth its weight in gold!

Fantasia Stained Glass request 25% as a deposit and the balance on collection or delivery. There is no VAT to be added and prices are fixed so you can be sure of your final price before you make an agreement.

So, if you are interested, come and visit us or contact us here, no time like the present!