Creative Glass Party Activities

For 7-80 year olds!

Looking for a new activity for a children’s birthday, a family gathering or a meet up with friends?

Come and make a glass picture for you to keep – or why not combine your efforts into one big picture or installation!

A recent customer brought all of her family to make individual leaves which hang all together in her garden – just like the installation I made with a charity for Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and they received a gold medal! The family loved it so much that they are coming back to make some more!

The sessions are 75 minutes long, held at our Fantasia Glass workshop in Droxford.

Group Size: up to 10 children / participants.
Price: £130

They begin with some information about glass, how it’s made, what it’s used for, how it get is colour etc…
Then, a demonstration of how to create your one big picture or installation and then it’s your turn!



Click on the images below to see larger photos!

Fused Glass Group

Fused Glass in the Kiln

Fused Glass Leaves in the making

Fused Glass Leaf in the Making - Close up










The 75-Minute Session includes:

  • General information about glass.
  • A complete demonstration of how to create your picture / installation.
  • A beautiful, individual, handmade piece of artwork each OR a joint large glass picture / installation to take away.