Fusing and Slumping Course Jan/Feb 2012

Thanks for a fascinating fun packed course. Although I already have a little experience with fusing in a small glass kiln, this course was just what I needed to get me up to speed with the techniques and endless possibilities when using various types of glass from the compatibility of different glass to their firing programmes. The day starts with a welcome cup of coffee and then straight on to cutting and shaping glass. The first day covered the use of Float glass and exploring the various effects of using colours with Bullseye glass. We produced four large pieces of work including two slumped dishes. The second day found us all experimenting with a number of inclusions such as Angel Hair and various grades of Frit, copper foil, mesh, wire and other materials. We then moved on to a final work piece that incorporated all we had had learnt. In the studio an endless supply of materials was made available to us. Helen also explained how the large kiln worked and covered the various firing programmes and their effects. Helen’s teaching and advice was excellent and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to know more about glass fusing.

Lyn P